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    The Happy Fits combine cello, guitar, and percussion to make a unique, uplifting and groovy sound. All music is original and copyrighted. The young duo is made up of Ross Monteith and Calvin Langman. Ross is both a  guitar player and vocalist. Calvin plays cello is also a vocalist.


    Hailing from the outer banks of Pittstown, NJ comes this firebrand guitarist with fine fine motor skills and a whole lotta lovin’. Prepare to be blown away by his majestic fingers, naturally radiant voice, and loving mother. You have been warned.



    After being bitten by a radioactive opium plant when he was 2 years old, this forever 12-year-old-looking cellist has never not been smiling. With his somewhat creepy smile and doowop melodies, he aims to make you jiggy like you’ve never jiggied before.





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    fa-userContact: Ross Monteith
    fa-phone-squarePhone: 908-268-0341
    Hometown: Pittstown
    General Availability:

    Any day of the week during the summer time

    Performance Fee:

    Prefer to do charity work at no charge