flemington-buy-local-logo-roundWho is Flemington Rocks?

Flemington Rocks began in 2013 when a small group of local impassioned business owners got together to share information about their town, their respective businesses and just get to know one another. That first meeting blossomed into an enthusiastic group of community-minded pied pipers dedicated to revitalizing Flemington through music, arts, and community celebrations.

Flemington is our home; it’s where we work, and it’s where we want to play! Our vision is to transform, engage, evolve, and pursue sometimes unusual events that will revitalize and restore the grandeur of our historic county seat. Since 2014 we’ve successfully partnered with Stangl Factory to produce a series of performances offering live music including a wide variety of bands and musicians. For the past two years, Thursday Night Lights a fun family focused town-wide summer music festival has filled the streets with musicians, artists, magicians and a music loving audience. Family, friends, and even Fido strolled the streets enjoying the sounds, community, and local businesses all summer long.

The 2016 Thursday Night Lights series begins July 21st. It is our sincere hope that you will join us as audience, volunteer, musician and friend. We’re ready to rock and keep Flemington rocking. All are welcome as we continue to expand, explore and ignite creativity.

Got an idea? Be a part of our fun-loving, hard-working, community by completing our volunteer form.